Why Trade with Triton Capital Markets?

Triton Capital Markets is the go-to brokerage for all the new and experienced traders who are looking to trade with the tightest spreads. We want you to be focussed on your trades rather than worrying about how much you’re going to pay for every trade you open.

Trade the Triton Way to Success!

Trade the Triton Way to Success!

Go ahead and check out the reasons why Triton Capital Markets is the number one destination traders look to when it comes to trading Forex and CFDs.

First-Class Trading Conditions

Triton Capital Markets isn’t only a Forex brokerage; it’s so much more! We’ve tailored Triton to fit all your different financial interests and goals. Triton has got you covered with a wide variety of financial asset classes, instruments, trading platforms, account types and every trading resource you need to be a successful trader! Our client’s comfort is our main interest and you’ll quickly see that your trading comfort is our chief concern.

To us, you’re not just another ID number in our CRM, but a real-life trader who wants to make a difference to their financial standing. The first-class trading conditions on offer here at Triton and the treatment you get from Triton’s outstanding Customer Care Team is what differentiates us from the rest.

First-Class Trading Conditions

Triton Empowers You To Trade the
Global Markets Successfully!

Triton’s Trading Instruments

Triton’s Trading Instruments

Triton provides you with a huge selection of trading assets, which in turn provides you with a massive selection of trading instruments. Our range of trading assets include:

  • Forex
  • CFDs
  • Gold & commodities
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stocks
Tailored Trading Accounts

Tailored Trading Accounts

Triton offers trading accounts that are built to empower you and all our traders to achieve the successful trading career they’re looking for. Our tailored trading accounts include:

  • Beginner Trading Accounts
  • Top Traders’ Accounts
  • VIP Exclusive Trading Accounts
  • Managed Trading Accounts

You can find all the different trading accounts we offer on our Trading Accounts page. Feel free to speak with one of our dedicated Customer Care team if you’re not sure which trading account best suits your financial needs.

Award-Winning Trading Platform &
Advanced Trading Tools

Triton Trade Station

Triton Trade Station

We’ve developed our own trading platform and it’s an action-packed trading platform that’s designed with beginner traders in mind. Triton Trading Station (TTS) is the trading platform of choice if you’re new to trading Forex and CFDs. In literally a few clicks, you can open your trade, set your stop loss and take profit, and start trading.

  • Ideal for Beginner Traders
  • Super-easy to Use
  • One-Click Trading
  • TTS Mobile App Available
Trading Tools & Signals

Trading Tools & Signals

Want to know which financial instruments are the hottest to trade on? Our range of trading signals and tools will empower you to pick the right trade. Speak with your Triton Account Manager and they’ll show you how to use our range of trading signals and tools, which include:

  • Outstanding trading signals for Triton Trade Station
  • Fantastic and easy to use Trading Tools
  • Order execution and price alerts

Outstanding Trading Education

Trading Education for All New Traders

Trading Education for All New Traders

Are you new to the online trading world? Don’t worry, the Triton Capital Markets’ educational videos are the best and the easiest way to learn everything there is to know about trading. We’ve got educational videos about various trading topics, and they include:

  • What is Forex?
  • What’s a CFD?
  • What’s a Commodity?

Triton is Safe and Secure

We Take Our Security Very Seriously

We Take Our Security Very Seriously

We know just how comforting it is for traders to know the brokerage company is safe and secure, and we ensure that your security while trading remains paramount. We do this by adding the latest web technology security measures, and these include:

  • Security by Comodo
  • Security by the Verisign
  • SSL Encryption

Triton’s main concern is you and your comfort while trading with us, which is why we offer you the following:

  • An extra layer of safety and security
  • Our contact info and address
Excellent Deposit Bonuses

Excellent Deposit Bonuses

When you make your first deposit with us, you’ll receive a deposit bonus on us. Check the latest deposit bonus offerings with your dedicated Triton Account Manager and read our bonus terms and conditions.

Trading Forex & CFDs involves significant risk.