Advantages to Trading CFDs

Triton’s traders are making money from trading CFDs, and that’s with an initial investment of just $250! The more you invest, the greater the chance of trading CFDs successfully, but you can get started from as little as $250!

What are the Advantages of  Trading CFDs? image

What are the Advantages of Trading CFDs?

Trading CFDs can be very profitable if you choose the right broker who has your best interests in mind. CFDs or Contracts For Difference are an easy way to trade the world’s financial markets, and here at Triton, we make it even easier for you to get started on trading CFDs. CFDs present a wide selection of underlying assets, and you can trade CFDs on Shares, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Commodities, Energies and Spot Metals such as Gold.

Our range of CFDs has been put together by Triton’s Management Team, and they make the perfect gateway for anyone looking to make additional income.

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The Benefits to Trading CFDs

Investors are leaning more to trading CFDs because there are no underlying assets involved. What do we mean by “underlying assets”? Let’s take a look at trading Share CFDs as an example. When you purchase shares in a company, you’ll use a stockbroker to buy shares in a company for you. When you want to sell the shares you own, you’ll need to use a stockbroker to sell them on for you.

If you’re trading Share CFDs, you don’t own the physical shares. Instead, you gain money on the price difference. Therefore, if you purchased Apple Share CFDs at $100 per share and sold them when the price of Apple’s shares hit $150, you make $50
per share sold.

The Benefits to Trading CFDs

What are the Advantages of
Trading CFDs with Triton?

What are the Advantages of <br />
Trading CFDs with Triton?

Simply put, we make trading CFDs online easy. This is done through our award winning platform – Triton Trade Station (TTS). All you need to do is open the trade.

You can go “long”, which means that you expect the price of the CFD you’re trading to go up in price, or you can go “short”, which means you believe the CFD you’re trading will go down in price.

You don’t need to worry about any insurance payments, retainer and holding fees, in the case if you want to trade spot metals such as Gold, or any other hidden fees when it comes to trading CFDs.

Another key advantage is that we’ve got a huge variety of assets you can trade CFDs on. Even beginner traders love trading CFDs and that’s because of the leverage we offer. Leverage allows you to boost your buying power, and we provide this for you whenever you trade CFDs.

Triton Trade Station also allows you to set your risk management settings. By setting your stop loss and take profit, you minimise the risk of loss.

If you need any assistance with setting your risk management parameters, simply speak with your Triton Account Manager and they’ll walk you through this easy process.

Finally, when trading CFDs, there are no intermediaries. Here at Triton, we connect you directly with the markets and provide the best possible spreads as well as zero hidden fees.

Trading CFDs on the Go
with Triton’s Mobile Apps

We’ve created an app for Triton Trade Station, which means you can trade CFDs while on the go. You can access the Triton Trade Station app from the Apple App Store and from Google Play.

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When it comes to trading CFDs on the go, all you need is the TTS app and an internet connection. We give you full control over the trading platform directly from your
mobile device.

 Trading CFDs on the Go <br />
with Triton’s Mobile Apps

Trading Forex & CFDs involves significant risk.